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Single Cell In Situ Capabilities by K2bio

Illuminating Cellular Complexity with 10x Genomics Xenium Technology

K2bio is at the forefront of single cell analysis, offering revolutionary solutions that enable researchers to explore cellular complexity with unprecedented precision. Our Single Cell In Situ capabilities, powered by 10x Genomics Xenium technology, provide insights into the spatial organization, function, and interactions of individual cells within their native tissue context at a subcellular level.

K2bio is proud to be a certified 10x Genomics service provider and a member of their Catalyst network offering the highest level of support.

Key Features of our Single Cell In Situ Services:

Spatial Transcriptomics:
Gain a deeper understanding of gene expression patterns and their spatial distribution within tissues. Our spatial transcriptomics services using 10x Genomics Xenium technology allow you to visualize and analyze gene expression at subcellular resolution.

Cell-Cell Interactions:
Investigate cell-cell interactions within tissues and identify critical molecular pathways. Our single cell in situ services enable you to dissect the communication networks that underlie tissue function and disease phenotypes.

Tissue Microenvironment Analysis:
Characterize the cellular composition of the tissue microenvironment, including immune cell infiltration and stromal components. Understand how these elements influence disease progression and treatment responses.

The Power of 10x Genomics Xenium Technology:

10x Genomics Xenium groundbreaking technology combines imaging with spatially resolved transcriptomics. With Xenium, we can:

High Resolution and Scalability: Achieve high resolution and scalability, enabling the analysis of thousands of cells within a single tissue section.

Multi-Omics Insights: Integrate multi-omics data to uncover complex relationships between genes, proteins, and spatial context.

Discovery and Validation: Use Xenium to discover novel biomarkers and validate existing targets at the protein level within the same tissue section to facilitate drug development and precision medicine applications.


At K2bio, we are committed to advancing the field of single cell analysis and helping researchers unlock the full potential of their studies. Our Single Cell In Situ capabilities, supported by 10x Genomics Xenium technology, are a testament to our dedication to innovation, precision, and scientific excellence.

Explore the future of single cell research with K2bio.

Single Cell In Situ

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