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In-Vivo Experience That Accelerates Time to Pre-IND

Over 2 decades of in-vivo experience for your drug development support

At K2bio, we understand the critical role that in-vivo studies play in advancing scientific research and drug development. Our in-vivo Services are designed to provide researchers, pharmaceutical and biotech companies with comprehensive solutions for preclinical and translational discoveries. K2bio will design, execute, and achieve the nonclinical study objective, while staying committed to scientific excellence and animal welfare.

K2bio is AAALAC accredited and maintains an internal Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee (IACUC) that offers fast and efficient study approvals. Our clients are part of the team and we include them every step of the way. Starting from a collaborative IACUC review process, to summary report deliverables, our clients are key to our program successes.

Why Choose K2bio?

  • Unparalleled expertise with a collaborative approach
  • Cutting-edge technology and equipment
  • Ethical treatment of research animals
  • Customized study design
  • Regulatory compliance

Services & Capabilities

At K2bio, we support everything from custom models to standard PK/PD and non-GLP toxicology assessments in a variety of small animal models.  Additionally, K2bio will secure reporter commercial cell lines or through an expansive collaborative network (when not readily accessible) to generate a reporter cell line or PDX lines to explore your products in-vivo efficacy.  Furthermore, K2bio has IVIS imaging system for bioluminescence and fluorescence capabilities to provide an extra level of exploration to answer critical scientific questions.

Capabilities & Techniques

Anti-tumor efficacy models
Multiple Routes of Administration (IP, SC, IV, RO & Oral Gavage)
Blood collection (ROB, Cardiac stick)
PK/PD Studies
Surgical techniques
IVIS imaging
HSCT and Adoptive Cell Transfer
Euthanasia and Necropsy
Behavioral and body weight assessments
Tissue collection and preservation

In-Vivo Bioluminescence and Fluorescence

Customized Study Design: Our experienced team collaborates with you to create tailored study protocols that meet your specific research goals and regulatory requirements.

Animal Models: We offer a diverse range of animal models, including rodents and non-rodents, for studying a wide spectrum of diseases and conditions.

In Vivo Imaging: Our cutting-edge imaging technologies allow for real-time monitoring of disease progression and treatment efficacy.

Pharmacokinetics and Pharmacodynamics (PK/PD): We provide comprehensive PK/PD studies to assess the pharmacological properties of your compounds.

Toxicology: Our services include non-GLP tox studies to gain early insights into the toxicology profile of your product.

Ethical Commitment: We prioritize the ethical treatment of animals in all our studies, adhering to the highest industry standards and guidelines. Our dedicated animal care and welfare team ensures the comfort and well-being of all research subjects.

Collaborative Approach: At K2bio, we believe in the power of collaboration. We work closely with your research team to provide insights, interpret results, and optimize study design.

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