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Histology Services with Reliability and Accuracy

Discovery in Every Slide

Welcome to K2bio’s where science and expertise converge to unlock the hidden details within tissues. Our histology experts are dedicated to providing meticulous and high-quality histological analysis. Discover how our Histology Services can illuminate the path to scientific discovery.

Our Histology Expertise:

Tissue Processing:
Our skilled histologists excel in preserving tissue specimens, ensuring optimal condition for subsequent evaluation.

Choose between paraffin or optimal cutting temperature (OCT) embedding, tailored to your research needs.

Tissue Sectioning:
We provide deep expertise for sectioning challenging tissues from either paraffin or OCT blocks for traditional IHC and IF or for specialized slides to perform spatial gene expression analysis.

Our extensive repertoire includes routine hematoxylin and eosin (H&E) staining, as well as Immunohistochemistry and Iummunofluorescence staining for specific antigens, shedding light on protein expression and localization.

Digital Imaging:
Harness the power of digital imaging technology to capture and analyze tissues, facilitating data sharing and in-depth analysis.

Our Histology Services can support a wide range of applications from academic research endpoints to nonclinical tissue processing on GLP studies.

Customized Solutions:
We recognize that every project is unique. Our histology services are fully customizable to meet your specific research or diagnostic needs. Collaborate with our experts to design a histology workflow that aligns perfectly with your goals.

Biomedical Research:
Gain insights into tissue morphology, disease mechanisms, and therapeutic targets through precise histological analysis.

Pharmaceutical Development:
Validate the efficacy and safety of drug candidates through histological assessment in preclinical and clinical studies.

Why Choose K2bio for your histology needs?

Histology Mastery: Access our expertise in tissue processing and histological techniques.

Cutting-Edge Equipment: Utilize the latest equipment to ensure precision and accuracy.

Customized Solutions: Benefit from flexibility in tailoring services to your unique requirements.

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