We are a hybrid Preclinical Contract Research Organization (CRO) with an incubator support system at our core. We provide state-of-the-art laboratory facilities and equipment, and a comprehensive, flexible suite of services allowing companies to maximize productivity and minimize R&D spending.

Preclinical Contract Services

K2bio’s preclinical CRO services provides full support for in vivo and in vitro demands, and regulatory oversight for pharmaceutical products. Our team will provide customized solutions to ensure the most meaningful and accurate data is provided.

In Vivo Studies

A key differentiating feature of our service offerings is our state-of-the-art vivarium, which can currently house nearly 3,000 mice and has expansion capacity for another 3,000. Our highly trained staff partners with K2bio members to:

  • Design animal studies that are consistent with all regulatory guidelines including the Public Health Service (PHS) Policy and the National Research Council’s “the Guide” to provide high quality reproducible data
  • Oversee animal care, husbandry, and maintenance of the facility and equipment
  • Perform manipulations including blood and tissue collection, surgical procedures, injections, In vivo imaging, breeding, and irradiating animals
  • Collect, organize and provide preliminary analyses of data
  • Provide established liquid or solid tumor models from repository of cells 
  • Perform processing and analysis of collected samples (flow cytometry, cytokine/chemokine measurement, PCR, Western, PK/PD analysis etc.)

From study conception to final data analysis, K2bio members can choose how involved they would like to be throughout the process.

Rentable Laboratory Space

We provide professionally maintained laboratory space featuring six-foot custom-made benches, configurable private and common working areas with equipment to support:

  • Cell Culture
  • Molecular biology
  • Flow cytometry
  • Analytical Chemistry
  • Histology

High-End Equipment

In addition to basic laboratory equipment, we offer access to high-value specialized equipment to enable K2bio members to get high quality data in a timely manner without major investment. Training and assistance are also provided.

  • In vivo rodent imaging system (IVIS)
  • Portable anesthesia systems
  • X-ray irradiator
  • Multiple flow cytometers with high sample capacity (BD Fortessa, Gallios, Novocyte, Intellicyt iQue, Sony SH800)
  • Various computer-controlled live cell imaging systems (Incucyte, Cytation 5, Celigo)
  • Closed cell processing systems (CliniMACs, Prodigy)
  • Automated cell counters (Cellometer, NC3000)
  • Plate readers and Luminex multiplex analyzer
  • Real time PCR machines
  • Transfection systems (Neon, Nucleofector)

Consultant Services

Beyond laboratory space and equipment, protocol design and execution ultimately dictate the quality and value of the data these studies generate. That’s why we provide K2bio members and customers consulting services that support the planning and design of experimental protocols to yield optimum insights into the key drug development challenges. By helping K2bio members get it right the first time, our laboratory and animal study experts can reduce time, cost, and frustration to getting the data needed to advance product candidates.

Concierge Services

If a service isn’t readily available at K2bio, we will work with our vast network to locate a specialist to help support your needs.


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