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A message from K2bio Co-Founder, CEO, & President, Kieron Jones

It’s been a long-time dream of mine to scale the highest peaks of K2, the most technically challenging mountain climb in the world. While a treacherous journey, I can imagine no more extraordinary view than that from the top. When fellow founder Andrew Strong and I began talking about our new Houston-based facility, I thought a lot about that mountain. The challenges of biopharmaceutical research are much like scaling K2—scary and complex, yet not impossible and well worth the climb. And thus, K2bio was born. K2bio is a state-of-the-art facility with experienced research managers and staff and, uniquely, a mouse vivarium. Through a mix of shared and private research laboratory spaces, we can provide early-stage biopharmaceutical companies access to our research facility at an affordable cost. Simply put, we handle the business end of projects while scientists focus on what is most important—science.  

We’ve already begun to see some exciting changes here at K2bio since opening our doors just a few short months ago. Recently we announced the signing of three new companies who will call K2bio home and expect many more to follow. We are also exploring ways to partner with area school districts and colleges to further support education in STEM. We want to see biotech in Houston continue to grow as an industry and hope to serve as a catalyst in that effort. We want to be a part of the entire journey.  

Famed climber William Arthur Ward once said, “an experienced mountain climber is not intimidated by the mountain—he is inspired by it.” At K2bio, we are not intimidated by the difficulties of biopharmaceutical research. We are challenged and inspired by them. We know we have the technical expertise to help new companies get there, and we can’t wait to stand shoulder to shoulder with them, taking in the view from the top.