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Lab space is an essential resource for startup biotech companies, this especially true for startups in locations like Houston. But with the growing number of locations offering incubator lab space, it can be difficult to know that you are choosing a location that will serve the individual needs of your team.

For many biotech startup founders, their experience in choosing lab space can be somewhat limited. They know it is important to find lb space that allows for flexibility in growth, and a robust offering of facilities and equipment for manaing and running their teams the way young biotech companies need to.

One Size Does NOT Fit All…

Unfortunately, while there are a growing (but still somewhat select) number of spaces available in and around the Houston area, the majority of these options are fairly generic and often do not accommodate the individualized needs that many biotech startups have. You need more than just one generic option. You need the right solution for your team.

K2bio is proud to offer premium lab space that will allow founders and team leads to rest assured they have everything needed to launch, maintain and grow their biotech startup in an environment rich with networking resources, state-of-the-art technology, and access to an experienced support group of scientific experts.

K2bio does not provide the typical of “one-size-fits-all” package. We don’t force you to shoehorn your project needs to fit what we have to offer. Instead, we make a point of listening to your needs.

At our PSL-2 facilities, we provide technical equipment – HPLCs, flow cytometers, LCMSs, microscopes, and other things that are needed on a day-to-day basis to execute scientific product projects and produce meaningful data.

Reducing Risk and Initial Start-Up Costs for Early-Stage Life Science Companies

Bringing any new therapy to clinical trials is always an expensive proposition. One of the operating principles powering K2bio is our commitment to helping startups spend only where it makes the most sense.

As a hybrid Contract Research Organization (CRO) operating in the greater Houston area, K2bio is uniquely positioned to offer its organizations “Just Right” sized solutions that bring only what is truly needed to bear on the development of innovative therapies. As opposed to requiring our clients to fit their projects into what another lab space provider has to offer, we prefer to tailor-fit our facilities to suit your needs.

Putting the K2bio Network and Expertise to Work

Many start-ups find themselves faced with an immediate need to hire highly trained staff. At K2bio, clients are able to contract with our on-site, highly-trained scientists or bring in their own researchers. Additionally, ongoing access to in-house expertise is “baked into” the K2bio experience. At K2bio, we recognize that newer companies in the biopharma space are more likely to succeed if they do not have to bear the cost of purchasing equipment, instrumentation, or qualified personnel.

Our on-site Vivarium is AAALAC-certified and available as a resource for you and your team. Our staff work alongside your researchers as much (or as little) as needed. When the need does arise for contracted services, on-site customers receive preferential discounts.

While access to our professional team is huge plus, there is a lot to be said for the neighbors and peers you and your team will meet onsite. Because we place such a strong emphasis on fostering a collegial work environment, the K2bio network has become a well-known and trusted collective of professionals from all areas of the biopharma industry.

Recently one of our the organizations utilizing our space unexpectedly ran out of funding (something that is known to happen in this field from time to time). This unfortunately resulted in the need to reduce their staff – but because of the engaged network of the community, more than 80% of those effected were immediately hired by another start-up utilizing our facilities. Through examples like this, we see the strength of our network pay unforeseen dividends to our clients all the time.

In the “Goldilocks Zone” of Houston

K2bio located close to a medical center (less than 10 minutes away) as well as many other major institutions. So we are very close to a number of things needed for a young biotech to launch and grow… at the same time, we’re far enough outside the downtown area that you won’t be paying for that costly real estate footprint Houston has become known for. Not too far; not too close …it’s “Just Right”.

See for Yourself – Schedule a Tour!

If you are looking for a premium lab service provider that affords you the control you need over the science, timelines, and budget that your biopharma project requires, take the first step toward successful collaboration by scheduling a tour of the K2bio facilities. Take a good look around, then tell us what you’re looking for.

Let K2bio help you manage the capital expenses of early-stage life science projects in a way that makes sense.

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