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K2 Biolabs, LLC, (“K2bio”) continues to grow an experienced backed team to help advance their current and future offerings. The company announced today the new Head of Quality, John Ferreira.  Mr. Ferreira will lead the company’s development of its Quality System designed to ensure phased appropriate compliance and support for our expanding client base.

“Very excited about leading the Quality team at K2 Biolabs. K2’s supportive approach of its Sponsors is innovative, comprehensive and clearly designed to progressively transition therapeutic candidates from discovery to clinical application,” said Mr. Ferreira on his hiring. 

“As we prepare for our expansion and next suite of offerings, having John join the team helps to strengthen our foundation. It will become increasingly more important for us and our customers that we have a strong root in Quality and regulatory experience to aid the advancement of their science,” said Kieron Jones, CEO of K2bio. 

About Mr. John Ferreira:

Mr. Ferreira brings to the company over 36 years of technical and executive leadership experience in the biotechnology and pharmaceutical development industry supporting projects with key pharmaceutical and device firms such as Genentech, Bayer, Novartis and Medtronic. Most recently Mr. Ferreira has worked with startup organizations to develop comprehensive progressive quality systems intended to parallel a firm’s drug development to commercialization efforts.  Mr. Ferreira’s recent role as VP of Quality working with the executive leadership of a bioanalytical laboratory built, from the ground up, a facility and quality system supporting an extensive palette of analytical testing services. In 2011 Mr. Ferreira served as Sr. Vice President of Quality for Kalon Biotherapeutics, a Texas A&Mbased venture.  As a member of the executive leadership team securing a multimillion-dollar BARDA project that resulted in the construction of new facilities comprising the Centers for Innovation in Advanced Development and Manufacturing (CIADM). Prior to his accepting the position at Kalon, Mr. Ferreira served as Director of Quality for Caliber Biotherapeutics, a firm participating in DARPAs Blue Angel™ project. Additionally, at Caliber, his team was tasked with designing and building a facility as well as developing a process capability of the large-scale manufacturing of an H1N1 vaccine as a proof-of-concept exercise. The project was successfully completed in within 2 years.  Mr. Ferreira’s Quality Systems and cGMP compliance experience in the manufacturing of therapeutic products including vaccines extends beyond the borders of the United States and includes projects in England, Italy, Canada, The Netherlands and Germany. Mr. Ferreira received his undergraduate degree in Natural Science with his major in Biochemistry and course work in Clinical Trial Management from the University of Berkeley. Mr. Ferreira currently serves on the Texas A&M’s Master’s in Biotechnology Program Advisory Committee. 

About K2 Biolabs, Inc.:

K2bio is a rapidly growing and expanding pre-Clinical CRO providing support for in vivo and in vitro research needs of our partners globally.  Our diverse and experienced team provides customized solutions to ensure the most meaningful and accurate data are provided with a focus on proactive communication and collaborative program management. 

K2 also offers analytical and process development capabilities for the advancement of products through discovery and investigation support. Some core focuses include novel rodent breeding & husbandry services, DMPK support, quan/qual bioanalysis, molecular biology, toxicology research, live cell & animal imaging, DMPK/PD, and biomarker discovery. 

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